NanoDrop Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantitation

General Information

RNA, DNA, and protein samples can be measured with high accuracy and reproducibility using just 1ul of sample. The NanoDrop® ND-1000 is a full spectrum (220-750 nm) spectrophotometer that uses a patented sample retention technology that holds the sample in place between the two measurement pedestals by surface tension creating a controlled light path gap. NanoDrop® ND-1000 Applications:

  • Nucleic acid concentration and purity (up to 3700 ng/ul for dsDNA)
  • Fluorescent dye analysis of labeled microarray samples
  • Purified protein analysis (up to 100 mg/ml)
  • Protein analysis including standard curves:
  1. Bradford Assay
  2. BCA Assay
  3. Lowry Assay
  • Cell density measurements

Measurement Concentration Range:

Lower Limit: 2 ng/ul
Upper Limit: 3700 ng/ul (dsDNA), 3000 ng/ul (RNA), 2400 ng/ul (ssDNA)



Service Internal Pricing External Pricing
DNA or RNA 1-10 samples $3.00 $5.70
DNA or RNA 11-20 samples $5.00 $7.80


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