The Stratedigm S1200Ex flow cytometer platform is a complete cellular analysis system consisting of a flow cytometer with 3 lasers and 13 colors, with scalability of adding up to 4 lasers capable of measuring 18 colors simultaneously, the CellCapTure acquisition and analysis software,  A600 plate loader, and workstation. 

The high-throughput temperature controlled A600 plate loader system has also been added to our Stratedigm system. The loader has the ability of sampling from various plate and tube formats: 96 and 384 well plates, eppendorph tubes, bullet tubes and 12x75mm tubes. The A600 plate loader is temperature controlled and can be used to add reagents and/or set incubation times for kinetic studies. With the 6-probe sampler, configurations can be defined  using variable mixing cycles and mixing volumes, which is essential for experimental design and faster throughput. The sample volumes for adding reagents or injecting samples into the cytometer can be defined to as little as 2ul or as much as 500ul. Data for a 96-well plate can be collected under 25 minutes.

Rates OUHSC Non-Academic
Analysis without assistance $35.00/ hour $37.01/ hour
Analysis with assistance $60.00/ hour $92.45/ hour
Cancellation Charges (less than 24-hour notice) $35.00  


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