Waters Synapt G2-S High Definition mass spectrometer


Instrument type: Quadruple/ travelling wave ion mobility/ time of flight mass spectrometer


  • NanoLC-MS/MS of peptides
  • Used for the analysis of complex samples/ proteomic studies (both qualitative and quantitative analysis)
  • Protein identification from digests
  • Implementation of MRM possible
  • Post-translational modification identification…
  • Very high resolution (R>10,000) and sensitivity

ABSciex QSTAR Elite hybrid quadrupole/TOF mass spectrometer

Sciex !-Start. Quadrupole Mass filter for Precursor Ion Selection, 2-D quadrupole ion trap, time-of-flight mass analyzer

Instrument type: QqTOF (Tandem quadrupole time of flight) equipped with nano-source, can be coupled to HPLC.


  • NanoLC-MS/MS of peptide digests of simple digests
  • Direct injection of pure peptides or pure chemicals coupled to MS or MS/MS

Bruker Daltonics – Ultraflex-2 MALDI-TOF

Instrument type: Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight


  • Intact mass measurement of peptides and proteins
  • MS/MS of peptides
  • PTM analysis…

Bruker-Daltonics HCT Ultra ion trap mass spectrometer

Instrument type: High capacity ion trap mass spectrometer coupled to an HPLC


  • LC-MS/MS from simple peptide digests
  • Direct injection of pure peptide or chemicals
  • Capable of MRM studies for peptides