Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI)

Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI)

The Public Health Service (PHS) issued updated conflict of interest regulations applicable to existing and new PHS-funded investigators in effect August 24, 2012 (click here) note: All Faculty and Staff must also be in compliance with the OU Board of Regents Conflict of Interest policy which can be found here.

Applies to:

  • PHS investigators include the Project Director/Principal Investigator, key personnel and anyonedesignated by the PD/PI as critical to the design, conduct, and reporting of research.
    • the PD/PI are responsible for identifying all Investigators as defined by the PHS guidelines
    • may include support staff
  • Applies to sub-investigators, sub-recipients, sub-grantees, collaborators, subcontractors, or consortium members and includes state flow-through.
  • PHS agencies include: HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA, AHRQ, HRSA, IHS, SAMHSA, ATSDR, ACF, & CMS

Critical changes:

  • Training requirements
    • All current PHS investigators must complete the financial conflict of interest training initially and repeat every 4 years.
    • The mandatory OUHSC training may be accessed here.
    • PHS regulations require that in order for spending to continue on active grants, all training must be completed by all investigators before the next Notice of Award for that project.
  • Travel Reporting:  If an outside organization reimburses you for travel expenses or pays your travel expenses directly, you must disclose the travel to the Office of Research
    • Note:  NIH travel is exempted and there are many other exceptions that are covered in the online training.
  • Subcontracts (Subrecipients)
    • Subrecipients must certify they are in compliance with PHS regulations.
  • Disclosure thresholds.  All Investigators must:
    • Disclose ALL outside Signficant Financial Interests (SFI) related to OUHSC responsibilities based on PHS SFI criteria
    • Disclose new interest/changes within 30 days to the Office of Research.
    • Significant financial interest threshold lowered to $5,000.
    • Note:  Investigators must disclose all Significant Financial Interests.  The Office of Research determines whether it’s a Conflict of Interest.
  • Reporting & Public Accessibility
    • All Financial Conflict of Interests must be made publicly available within 5 days of request.
    • Financial conflict of interests and management plans will be reported to the PHS Agency.

For more detailed information, click here.

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