Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact the Office of Research Administration (ORA)?

ORA is located in Research Parkway, Building 865. The phone number is 405-271-2090.  Please email any documents to:

How can I locate funding sources?

The Office of the Vice President for Research website includes links to the Community of Science.  In addition opportunities can be found on the Grants page and are emailed weekly to all faculty and staff from the Office of Research Administration. The newsletter can be found on our home page under Announcements.

Who in ORA can help me?

To find your Sponsored Programs Administrator go here Find my SPA.

When is a routing form needed?

Sponsored Activities Routing forms are required anytime proposals are being prepared to bring new funds into the University.   Routing forms are not required for rebudget, extension and carryover requests.

Who can help me with budget information?

Your Department or College should be able to assist you with your budget preparation. Spreadsheet templates are available on the ORA website. Detailed Budget Spreadsheet and NIH Modular Spreadsheet templates are available under Grant Related Forms.

If I submit a proposal electronically to the sponsor do I still need to route my proposal through ORA?

Yes, all sponsored proposals must be routed through ORA. Once approved, you can complete the submission process. A full electronic version of the final proposal should be sent to ORA after submission.

I need to request an extension on my grant, how do I do that?

Contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator Find my SPA. The extension request process varies by sponsor. Your SPA will advise you what documentation is necessary to begin the extension request process but in most cases needs to be completed prior to the end of the award period.

When do I need to notify ORA that I will be applying for a grant or contract?  

Please notify your Sponsored Programs Administrator Find my SPA as soon as you know you will be submitting a proposal.  Include a link to any guidelines or RFA. Remember the full proposal package, including all the applicable forms, must be in ORA three business days prior to the submission deadline.

Where can I find the routing forms?

Routing forms can be found under the Grants link at the top of the page, then click on Forms and Policies or follow this link:  Cover Page and Supplemental Information Form.

How do I know if the contract request I’m submitting should be for a Subrecipient or for a Vendor?

To determine which contract is appropriate, please review these Subrecipient vs. Vendor Guidelines. If you still are not sure, please contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator.

Who is eligible to serve as a Principal Investigator?

The OUHSC policy on PI eligibility is located here:  PI Eligibility

I do not think I will be able to make the three-day submission deadline.  What do I do?

Please forward the information you have completed to your Sponsored Programs Administrator.  You will also need to request an exception to the three-day deadline from the Vice President for Research.  An email approval from the Vice President for Research must be received before your proposal will be submitted.

I need to rebudget the funds on my award, how do I do that?

The rebudgeting process begins with Grants and Contracts Accounting.

How can I start spending on my grant?

Please contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator Find my SPA. If an award notice and budget information have been received and all required institutional approvals are in place, your award will be set up.  If your award requires contract negotiation or institutional approvals, you do have the option to prepare an Advanced Expenditure Authorization Form for Sponsored Funds (ECAV) so that you may begin spending prior to completion of the contract.  The form can be found:  ECAV.

What can I do if the sponsor will not pay the full indirect rate?

Please reference the indirect cost rate exception policy and the Indirect Cost Rate Exception form. The exception request is not required for direct federal sponsors if the rate is capped in the program announcement. The University has pre-approved certain non-federal sponsors and will accept a lower rate from them without completion of the exception form.  That list can be found here:  IDC Exception Approved Sponsors.

How do I get an eRA Commons Username and Password?

Please email your SPA (Find my SPA) to request an eRA Commons Username. Please indicate if you already have a Username from a previous institution.

What if I think I might have a conflict of interest?

A Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form must be completed for each grant submission if there is a potential conflict of interest. Please see Grant-Related forms and policy.

What do I do if I receive an award document from the sponsoring agency?

Immediately forward a copy of the document to the ORA mailbox, HSCORA@OUHSC.EDU. The staff in ORA will begin processing your award.

How do I get a subcontract out or an independent contract agreement prepared?

You can begin the process of getting a subcontract out or independent contractor agreement prepared by completing the appropriate cover page ICA and Subcontract cover page.  The completed form and all required documentation should then be forwarded to the ORA Mailbox, HSCORA@OUHSC.EDU

How do I request carry forward funds on my grant?

Carry forward requests vary by sponsors.  If sponsor permission is not required, Grants and Contracts Accounting can process the carry forward of funds into the next budget period.  If permission is required, please contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator Find my SPA. Typical carry forward requests include carry forward dollar amounts along with the intended use of the funds.

Once I complete my eSNAP Progress Report who do I route it to?

eSNAP Progress Reports need to be routed to your Sponsored Programs Administrator Find my SPA. Please remember that Progress Reports cannot be approved unless your appropriate certifications (IRB, IACUC, IBC), if applicable, are current.